Finding Christians on My Campus

Megan Woodruff

Megan Woodruff

Have you ever had a time where your life was turned upside down and you didn’t know what to do?

This happened to me after moving back to Austin, Texas from Marquette, Michigan. I had been pursuing the Lord in a definite way with a group of Christians on the campus there. At a certain point, however, it became clear I needed to move back home to Austin. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the same kind of support in Austin as I did in Michigan. Thus, the one thing I was definite to pray for was a group of Christians to have fellowship with on campus. And so this is my story of how my world was turned upside down and how I met and came to really appreciate my fellowship with Christians on Campus.

Transitioning back to Austin

When I moved back to Austin I really hoped I could find a group of friends like I had in Michigan who love the Lord and the Bible, and considering that the University of Texas was so big I assumed it would not be too difficult. But then came the clincher: my work schedule. It ended up that the job I got was during the hours when it seemed every other Christian group met. What was a girl to do?

Prayers of desperation

The only thing to do was pray. So I did! Amazingly, the next day on campus as I was walking to class I saw a club advertising for Bible studies. So, I walked up to the table and found out that the group, Christians on Campus, loves the Bible just like me. I met a girl named Yobel and immediately we hit it off.

Something was not quite right

Now you would think that all of that doesn’t sound too terrible. However, when I started meeting with Christians on Campus and going to Bible studies I didn’t feel extremely comfortable when they would pray, and so after the first study I decided this group was not for me. I tried another Christian group, but with the little time I had available, what they had to offer was not meeting my need.

So there I was: alone on a huge campus, going to difficult classes, working nights, and with no spiritual supply except on Sundays. Let’s just say I got pretty depressed.

The turning point: preaching the Word of God and much care

One day after many thoughts had been looming in me for a while, one of the girls from Christians on Campus called and invited me to an event. I really wasn’t going to go, however my friend from Michigan really encouraged me to go and give it a try. I’m really glad I went because even though the club was a lot more vocal than I was used to, I realized they were genuine believers who preached the Word of God.

After going to that meeting not a whole lot changed. However one girl, Kristen, from Christians on Campus really wanted to get together so she offered to drive me to work once a week to spend time together. It was so nice. We just hung out and then sometimes she would ask me to read to her some verses from the Bible as she drove. It wasn’t much, but through Kristen’s care I realized the Lord had not forgotten me.

Bible Study

After a year had gone by, I appreciated Christians on Campus a lot more than when I had first met them, and I thought maybe it was time to try out another Bible study. The Bible study I went to that summer was on the Gospel of John. I had read John many times but never before had I seen its intrinsic significance. Through the Bible study I began to not only understand the book of John but the entire Bible began to be opened up.

Fellowship and prayer

The more I became involved with the club, the closer I got to graduation. I had many important decisions to make. I began to fellowship with my Christian friends in the club about my life problems. And the most amazing part was that whenever I would open up to them no one ever told me what to do. These Christian brothers and sisters, always and continuously would simply do one thing: pray for me and with me. They were faithful to lead me to the One who could really lead me in the right direction. What a lesson.

After College Life

I am no longer a student in college. However, I believe that moving back to Austin and meeting Christians on Campus was the best thing the Lord could have ever done in my life. At first it seemed that the Lord had abandoned me, however I feel He was teaching me a lesson. I realized that I should be open to Him and not dismiss other believers just because their practices are not what I am used to. Through the Lord’s sovereignty and mercy I was able to meet a group of Christians who really helped me to grow in my knowledge of the Word, relationship with the Lord and fellowship in the Body of Christ. And for that I am eternally grateful.