Life In and After College

We may pursue the Lord during our college years but once graduated, many of us are juggling responsibilities. Here college students and alumni share their Christians on Campus experience on how the ministry has helped their Christian life thrive in college and after.

Christians on Campus provides future for our Christian life after college. For the past forty years, there have been hundreds and hundreds of Christian on Campus alumni living a vibrant Christian life in different communities throughout the world. Some have continued with graduate schools, some have entered the workforce, some have decided to join Bible schools, and some have given their lives to serve the Lord full-time all over the globe. Not only that, we all stay connected.

So, will you let your Christian life suffer after college? Don’t wait, get connected with us.

Here are some testimonials from lifelong members of our club:

Billy Manashi

Billy Manashi

“How did I survive being a Christian in college? Well, I can’t say it was easy, but it was due to the prayers and love from many other Christians, especially in Christians on Campus, who cared for me while I was a college student. Without this awesome group of Christians, I wouldn’t have had the support to dive into the Word and get to know the Lord Jesus. When I was in high school, I attended many church meetings, and I had this concept that being a Christian wasn’t any fun...” <Read more> 

David Baldez

David Baldez

“It was Friday night, and I was sitting on my bed in my dormitory at the University of Texas at Austin. The hallways were unusually quiet because everyone was out and about. What was I doing? I was reading my Bible. Strange thing to do on a Friday night, you say–especially at the University. But it just so happened that semester, as a freshman, I had fallen in love with reading my Bible. It wasn’t always that way…” <Read more>

Megan Rohl

Megan Woodruff

“Deep down, I knew in my heart that I loved the Lord Jesus but I lived a double life where weekends were reserved for church activities and weekdays for school and other friends. Thus, the one thing I was definite to pray for was a group of Christians to have fellowship with on campus. And so this is my story of how my world was turned upside down and how I met and came to really appreciate my fellowship with Christians on Campus...” <Read more>